What’cha Got Cookin’…? Thanksgiving Edition

The countdown is T-5 hours until my parents arrive expecting the house to be fur-free (or at least the furniture) and our pre-Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner ready to roll…we don’t play by the rules ’round here… So, will it happen…?? Time will tell. Prayers welcome..!

But there will be pie (thankfully!) and a turkey (hallelujah!) …

In short, here’s what’s left to check off my list:

pie #1… check

wm my pecan pie

pie #2… I wish I had my best girl to peel my apples… but I will persevere… (we don’t do pumpkin around here…I guess we’re just weird…!)

cranberry sauce… purchased (were you on pins and needles? me too.)

turkey… cooked (though I have no picture because when he finally decided he was done at 11:30ish last night immortalizing him in photos was not the first thing on my mind…)

green bean casserole… still requires some assembly…ahem…

sweet potatoes… see above green bean entry…

gravy… we’re gonna try to do it old school …fingers crossed…and just in case there’s a can of turkey gravy as backup… que sera sera

rolls… brown and serve… can’t get simpler than that…

stuffing… just needs water… and the microwave… K.I.S.S…

What’s on your menu?? I’d love to know!

8 thoughts on “What’cha Got Cookin’…? Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Levi Thetford says:

    The pecan pie looks good. Im praying for your gravy. We don’t want the store bought unless it’s abosolutely essential. Lol. Im sure it will all be good Heather. Enjoy it, and if I haven’t told you, remember Im old, Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


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