A Confident Heart

best accessory

….especially if you’re gonna sport the same home-made poodle skirt 21 years apart…



…Halloween 2012…

….man it’s a good thing that get-up was kinda stretchy…

I had to admit to myself recently that I was afraid of some ideas that I have rolling around in my head regarding my work and in unpacking those thoughts and trying to get at the root of the fear, I figured out my fear wasn’t really fear, but really just lack of confidence in myself. It’s easy to start to doubt yourself especially if you’ve had setbacks or you get to thinking too much about the unknowns… So I took it to God and you know what He said? I don’t have to be confident in my abilities, only in His. In other words,  me not feeling confident —>> I’m not trusting in Him…After all He made me, I had nothing to do with it… If He’s given me the abilities and creativity to do certain things then I should draw from His strength and go for it.

How’s that for a Heaven sent pep talk..?

And just in case you want to make your own super cute poodle skirt to flaunt around town, all you need is hot glue, pink felt, a pattern of a poodle like this and some pom-poms…!

Have a super Sunday..!

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