What’s Springing up in the Kitchen…?

Besides my plans for kitchen domination– I started with the organizing of the cabinets, but one day soon I hope to whip it into shape design-wise as well… If you’re curious, you can view my great kitchen wish list here (you’re welcome honey…):

(…thus far it looks like it will involve white cabinets, some open shelves, a kitchen aid mixer and lots of turquoise…at least I’m consistent…!)

I’m also baking a lot of these:

pnutbutter birds next cookies
Peanut butter cookies + Chocolate Chips = Bird’s Nest Cookie ♥

They are probably the most requested cookie from my menfolk… ok, I’m pretty fond of them too… If you are familiar with the Hershey’s kiss peanut butter blossom cookies, this is my new take on it. (It’s what you do when you don’t want to shell out for a bag of kisses and chocolate chips are on sale…) They kind of look like a little bird’s nest to me + they are a little easier to eat… I can’t tell you how many kisses have fallen to their death in an attempt to enjoy a regular pb blossom cookie…

And because we can’t have all sweets all the time , I’ve been craving this spring-y salad…

photo 30
Strawberries + Spinach + Feta + Walnuts + balsamic vinaigrette = ♥

Sweet, tangy and  filled with vitamins from the Spinach… it’s a winner in my book. The boy even tolerates it on occasion…

And since I found a half a bag of coconut in the cabinets I may attempt this little treat…

The Bunny Cake of 1984...
The Bunny Cake of 1984…

My sweet mama made this cake back in the day for a Tupperware party at my Grandma’s house… pretty simple design- two round layers- one layer cut into 2 ears and a bowtie, the other making up the head. Facial features brought to you by coconut, twizzlers and jelly beans. It’s spring at it’s finest- what’s not to love about bunnies..??

I feel the need to make it… not just because I like coconut but because I need to make peace with it…. See at that little Tupperware soiree when it came time for snacks and dessert, I in my 4-year old wisdom ReFuSeD to let that bunny be massacred… there was much crying and gnashing of teeth…Not my finest moment.  He was simply too cute to consume…

So mom, I’m sorry about that and if I show up at your house with a bunny cake this Spring, I promise I will let you enjoy it…!

...God save the bunny...
…God save the bunny…

  In the mean time, I’ll keep cooking up my kitchen design plan while we continue to eat well…!

What’s on your menu this Spring..?

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