Day 25 :: Intentionally Sharing Your Art

This gal is doing a 31 days post on artists who influence and she’s also passionate about sharing your art with the world– not only you painters and sculpters but there are so many other ways we make art.

My best girl has been sharing her art of accounting (seriously an art in my mind!) and general business-y knowledge with me lately and yesterday we shared in the creative process of designing and sewing together for the first time.

pillow collage

…Coming soon to a fall festival near you…!

What’s your art and how can you share it with others? Everyone has something!

Happy weekend friends!

To see all my posts for the 31 days challenge click here to get to the home page.


3 thoughts on “Day 25 :: Intentionally Sharing Your Art

  1. Linda Nuckols says:

    Those pillows are pretty Heather! You & “my other daughter” did a great job on them. ~ Now I want to see pictures of the Halloween costumes you put together!


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