Know Thy Limits

I bet you’re wondering where all the cute pictures of my house are or where’s the latest fun thing I’ve made… don’t feel bad, I’m wondering too…! It’s just been a crazy kind of week…I had schedules and goals of projects to accomplish and lists of things to clean and organize…and none of it happened…

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him YOUR plans…! Oh so true…

Right now, I’m leaning into the fact that crazy stuff happens and plans change but God’s in charge. There are so many things not in my hands, BUT they are most definitely in HIS and I just have to trust…We are limited, but HE is not…

It does however help to know your limits…as I’ve gotten older, I’ve finally understood and accepted a few things about myself:

I can no longer stay up all hours of the night and not be all out of sorts emotionally the next day… most nights I’m falling asleep on the couch by 10 pm while watching tv or reading…but if you wanna see a weepy girl at 9am keep me up past midnight…molehills turn to mountains quickly in my world with little sleep…

My ‘run’ is more the equivalent of someone else’s jog… no sprinting here. In fact the last time I tried to sprint when playing softball (long ago and many bruises away..!) I think I pulled something. But I’m content with my version of a hustle… and I can outpace anybody walking any day…!

If I am gone more than 3 nights a week to some extracurricular activity after work I get a little homesick. If given the chance I could probably stay home 4 or 5 days in a row before I got cabin fever. I am definitely more of an introvert… Don’t get me wrong I do like to be around people, but too much being “on” leaves me feeling all “off”…. I’ve figured out I can’t energizer bunny it all around to every event and meeting without taking the time to recharge my batteries on a regular basis…!

Sometimes we can have physical limits put upon us like health issues… and sometimes we put our own limits in place for our health like knowing how eating too many quesadillas and krispy kreme donuts will have a baaad outcome on our energy level, blood sugar and our hips…!

Some limits really are only in our minds though… If we’re following God he can always help us blow way past the areas we think we’re limited. The possibilities really are endless.

At some point I suppose the blog will veer back into the lane of general craftiness and moving furniture around. Until then, I leave you with a cat picture… Happy Sunday Y’all…

...clearly Schrader knows his limits and knows when a nap is in order...!
…clearly Schrader knows his limits and knows when a nap is in order…!

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