Desirable Discipline and Fairy Tale Feelings

Sleep betrayed me Monday night. I tossed in the humidity and turned over a list of things undone from the previous day, week, ok month, and instead of waking up like Cinderella, I  resembled one of the less than lovely step sisters.

Not every day can be a fairy tale, I suppose.

So how providential is it that I chose this week to start committing scripture to memory along with my teen Sunday School students. We’re learning Satan has no defense against the truth and in case you question God’s timing, here’s the verse I was drawn to start with…

You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. ~ 1 Peter 3:4

When a large list of to-dos is left undone and I’m lacking my “beauty” sleep let me just say I feel anything BUT gentle and quiet.


{image via The Graphics Fairy}

I feel more like that glass slipper is lost never to be found again and those feelings come out in one hundred ornery ways… A sampling of a prayer from last week…

…O Lord for your forgiveness and grace to be easier on others and myself… graceful in words, thoughts, actions, tones and movement… to flow through the day rather than crash and churn. To pay attention, slow down and breathe before being brash. To listen quickly and judge slowly or not at all…

That’s the thing about feelings- they’re at times a little flighty. They make me fidget and forget my true purpose in life.

If we do only what we feel inclined to do, some of us would never do anything. ~ Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

And I’m as guilty as any of flying by the seat of my feelings.

If I don’t “feel” ready how can I step into that task God is clearly calling me to tackle?

If I don’t “feel” like dealing with that phone call or finishing that project what’s the harm in waiting until later?

If I don’t “feel” like rainbows and bluebirds when I wake up why should I smile?

This may be an eternal mission but lazy has taken the lead and left me longing for far too long. Maybe you’re facing that too?

So ready or not, this is the day the Lord has made and I am determined to be glad in it. To combat cranky here are four things I’m trying on instead.

♥ Cultivate and Attitude of Gratitude – Jesus calls us to ask and pray with thanksgiving so I’m making sure to start with giving thanks each day – counting at least five blessings… sometimes this morphs into more and some days I’m grasping at straws – resorting to thanking Him for coffee but it never fails to make things seem just a little more magical.

Make the Choice to Rejoice – Though I don’t always wake up with laughter on my mind (see above…) I can choose to smile. I can maneuver the corners of my mouth into that upturned position and chances are they may just start to stick like that. If we can find humor and gladness, we’re halfway ready for the day and I’d far rather be like the Proverbs 31 woman who is, “…clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future (v.25).” There’s far less cleaning up to do with laughing than crying…

Light a Lamp – I’m learning to ask how can I shine Jesus’s light on someone else today by serving? Bringing a word of encouragement? Simply offering a complement? Sometimes the quickest way out of our grouchiness is to give kindness to someone else.

Zip the Lip – I’m finally figuring out the easiest way to do all things without grumbling or complaining – wanna know my secret?? Keep your mouth closed. (of course this is easier said than done in all honesty…) But my tongue truly is a fire starter -all it takes is a spark over something silly to derail my dedication and negate all the work I’ve done earlier in the day. Instead I’m trying to smile, nod and agree with God… and be a little more like Thumper…

And slowly the impossible seems possible because being diligent in these simple disciplines transforms a unpleasant night into a beautiful day.

Feelings come and feelings leave you but the disciplines of life are what get you to where you want to go…

Past the palace of the prince and into the courts of the King.

P.S. Need more help finding victory over those fleeting feelings? More meaning in the mess? It’s my pleasure to create connection, community and sometimes cute stuff just for you! And I’d love it if you’d join our little tribe. Just click right here to get the scoop and a set of printable scripture cards! Can’t wait to meet you soon in your inbox.

13 thoughts on “Desirable Discipline and Fairy Tale Feelings

  1. That attitude of gratitude and response of praise just make all the difference, don’t they?! I tend to be feelings led to and often that can isolate me rather than made me respond with thanks. God is cultivating that proper response in me, and I’m so glad for it. Great encouragement here today, Heather. xo

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    1. They absolutely do! Growing right along here with you girl! It’s a real challenge, but then I remember God does the tending and the weeding and the fertilizing, I just have to remain in Him…Thanks for all your encouragement as always ♥

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  2. We can’t trust our feelings, can we? Although I “feel” as if my feelings are more false than true most of the time! And they shift like the wind! I so admire your resolve to harness your words and cultivate a spirit of gratitude. (I think fall down in these areas too, just as soon as I resolve to improve!) I’m grateful that God takes our feeble efforts and welcomes us back to fellowship with him, no matter how far off the path we stray. And I love the graphics of the train tracks and of Cinderella — so pretty, as always!

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    1. I know! Right?! It is a minute by minute thing– capturing thoughts and putting them in the right light… and when I’m running on empty it’s harder to do! Here’s to us getting our emotional and physical tanks filled- hopefully with some rest and beauty this coming weekend! ♥ And thanks for the picture love– those tracks are near our house- it’s actually where we took the boy and his girlfriend for an impromptu prom photo shoot a few years back ♥ Always loved the perspective in that shot. Have a lovely rest of your day friend…xo


  3. DISCIPLINE – such an easy word but such a hard task sometimes. This has been a trying week for me. Not feeling well and looking at each day as a happy beginning is sometimes hard. Seeking God first and I like your thoughts for staying focused on the task of putting God first. Satan is actively working in trying to railroad our thoughts. Seek him, and we can stay focused on how great each day really is through Christ. Love you girl

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    1. We missed you last night and prayed for you this morning!! I hope you are on the way to feeling better!!!! (Even the simplest task seems hard when you’re ailing…) : (♥♥♥


  4. super practical and a little too convicting – you’re stepping on my magic glass slipper, i’ll have you know! Great post – i’ll reread – maybe twice more!

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