30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Old Things


I tend to have a soft spot for old things. Our home, which started out furnished in the “early attic/late garage” period has now permanently become Heather’s home for wayward furniture… The older the better… What can I say, I’m a sucker for history and heritage.

A few weeks ago, my friend who is downsizing to a quaint cabin-esque home on a pond gifted me with a ton of music books, some cozy scarves, a sweater, beautiful paintings and a very well loved (read: old) dresser. The welcome committee (read: pack of humorous canines) met us at the garage when the boy and I came to claim our new/old prize. We were sufficiently slobbered over and invited to play fetch which we obliged. A small price to pay for a beautiful old piece of history.

Because of circumstances out of my control (Rain!) I continued to haul around my new acquisition the  following week, plotting and moving furniture in my head trying to figure out where it was going to live. Whether the mirror would remain and what new color would it wear? Remember those plastic grid puzzles where you would slide the tiles around using only the one free spot to maneuver the image into place…? Well, that’s kind of the scene that played out in my house last Friday after dusting off and shoring up the new dresser.

Finally after a few head scratches (one unfortunate floor scratch) and the eradication of a few dust bunnies from sliding all our other well loved pieces around I think it finally found it’s proper resting place…


And all the books finally found a home too- organized by rainbow color because isn’t that how everyone arranges their books??

music books

Old friends and old things, just a few more things I’m thankful for this week. Old or new? Tell me about your decorating style?

5 thoughts on “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Old Things

    1. Aww me too!! I’m considering chalk painting the bottom and leaving the top distressed…. I couldn’t decide on a color– but greys and blues are at the top of the list! Oh how you know me… LOL! Figured I better decide where it’s going to live first! It had a really cool oval swivel mirror, but my thermostat above interfered with it
      : ( And amen to God taking old souls such as us and breathing new life into us! ♥


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