Mini Thanksgiving…

We survived…

The trip… 95 South…

The shopping… Seriously don’t even ask about the Burlington Coat factory…

The food…


…Is there anything that looks “mini” about this?? It was… turkey, gravy, ham + allllll the trimmings … like everything you could imagine- even homemade pimento cheese of which I am now officially a fan… {not pictured are the desserts…we just plumb ran out of room on the bar…} These folks know how to party.

We even survived the ‘paparazzi’… at one time I was holding 3 cameras for different people…we like our pictures in this motley crew…

PicMonkey Collage

My mama’s family… 2014…

Happy “Mini” Thanksgiving y’all.

I am so thankful.

13 thoughts on “Mini Thanksgiving…

  1. Linda Nuckols says:

    If this was a mini-Thanksgiving, what on earth would a full blown maxi-Thanksgiving look like???? What good cooks we have in our family! Cook big or don’t cook at all is what sweet Nola’s mother told her and boy did Nola cook big! ~ It was so much fun being with you (Heather) & our loving family this weekend. (I’d better watch out or I might start crying again!) ~ I don’t care to ever go to Burlington Coat Factory on a weekend ever again! 30-35 minutes to check out, really!! ~So thankful
    for our family & our sweet time together. Thanks for taking me Heather!


    1. Linda Nuckols says:

      Ham, turkey & gravy, collards, cabbage, rutabaga, chicken & rice, mashed potatoes, 2 kinds of deviled (blessed) eggs…one with Duke’s mayo & one with Miracle Whip, butter beans, oyster stuffing, regular stuffing, yams, green bean casserole, pineapple casserole, chicken salad, pimento cheese, crackers, rolls, pecan pie, pineapple cake, brownies!!! Did I miss anything, Heather? What a spread!!! And we forgot to take a cooler, so we did not get to bring anything home to VA!!! We’ll know better next time!


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