Shuffle and Repeat

One thing I haven’t talked much about here is music…


I’ve played guitar since I was 14. The boy started when he was about the same age and somehow he became better than his teacher {…!} in a much shorter period of time… but I can’t hold that against him because he truly is talented!

Looking back, I think I would have practiced more when I was young and fancy free from dishes and laundry and my memory functioned better…! But maybe that’s why God made rhythm guitarists (me!) and leads (him)…!

…the whole picture…and yes those 5 other cases lining the hallway contain guitars…and a banjo and there’s a mandolin hiding somewhere as well…

(we may qualify as guitar hoarders…is there a show for that?)

The boy also grew up playing drums- aww, his first love -and aspires to be a musician/teacher/composer/etc. in the near future… (High School graduation is less than a month away… deep breaths…!)

So since we share a love for music and playing together we are also always listening out for new material to cover and be inspired by- although he’s a much better songwriter than I! We stick to acoustic and a lot of church-y things mostly but he plays with his friends in various bands out and about and they’ve got the electric part covered pretty well too!

Lately these three songs are running on repeat in my head, but thankfully they’re not really annoying…! {if you’d like them stuck in your head too, feel free to click through the links below to their videos…!}

“King of my Heart” by Love & The Outcome— this one was the boy’s pick to play (him) and sing (me!) at service on Sunday…

“Oceans” (Where Feet May Fail) performed by Cassidy Robinson— this song is really by Hillsong United originally but there was something about this girl’s cover of it that I couldn’t stop listening to…

And lastly, because I’m nothing if not random, the following song was something my husband turned us on to and it is nothing (seriously- try and draw a connection between it and the others and you will just shake you’re head…) like the first two but still so catchy  i can’t help but listen… even if I don’t understand one.single.word…. {I looked them up just to be sure there wasn’t anything offensive in there because you know what they say–> garbage in = garbage out! But we’re safe..!}

“Heavy Bells” by J.Roddy Walston & The Business— I can’t even describe it… you’ll just have to hear…!

What’s your favorite song lately? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for listening… ♥

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