Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Well, my fine friends, here we are back at Wednesday again! Does anyone know where the time goes?? Despite all my seed talk earlier in the week, I still feel like I’m missing out by the end of each day to be really honest. Maybe I’m thinking too far ahead on too long a list when all I really need to focus on is the next step right in front of me. Take what God gives me each day and plant it. The End. It’s not my job to grow it, it’s His…

So today I am focusing on the good. The sun is shining here, it’s Wednesday -which means singing tonight!- and I have an awesome friend who lets me live vicariously through her by sending me pictures like this:

sunset CollageFrom her Smokey Mountain Tennessee vacation (with her permission)

…not sure which is better- the sunset serenade or the daytime view…!

cabin wm

She’s been visiting Ms. Parton’s stomping grounds {Dollywood y’all!} …and soaking up a much needed relaxing vacation. There was a text about not coming back…but I hope that was just the mountain air talking…!


Meanwhile here at home, I’ve been flinging fabric around working on my little “eclectic chic” slipcover project…

fabric choicesDecisions, decisions…

My goals are to have: a) reversible cushions and b) a comfy collected feel…

My inspiration came from this interesting Hobby Lobby settee a few months back…

hobby lobby settee image via

hobby lobby settee kids(teenagers not for sale…)

Though I wasn’t bold enough to go all out crazy patchwork, I was inspired to mix it it up a bit because why have one solid colored slip covered chair when you can have 3 variations of solids and patterns… plus a vintage linen pillow…! Reclaim, rework and recreate!! I’ll shout it from the mountain tops…(if I ever make it to Tennessee…)!

Since the Goodwill fabric fairy blessed me with this fabric haul a few weeks back I figured I had nothing to lose by giving the idea a try… and as of today, I have the main body of the cushions cut and the arms pinned up but I may be scrounging for more fabric soon… that chair is a healthy one…

And being that I’m on a colorful kick, I scored this cute afghan (yes, at the Goodwill…I.just.can’….) for a whole dollar! No time like the present to jump on the afghan bandwagon I suppose! Plus it was in great condition and the price was right.

But the luck stopped there, because when I took her out of the washer….

afghan wmafghan fail2 WM …there in the middle… a whole row of my favorite color had disintegrated and was unraveling away…

No other rows or colors were affected at all. None! I guess that was a random different yarn from the rest…one which did not appreciate being washed even on gentle cycle.

Not to be deterred, I spent yesterday googling around trying to figure out what this pattern is called and I think I’m onto something. All sourcesΒ  point to “larksfoot”…. and I’ve secured a couple of videos that could be my saving grace…not that I know the first thing about crocheting…I’m just crazy enough to give it a try…Strangely it occurs to me that most of my projects seem to start this way..!

So, now all I need is yarn… and a crochet hook… and to find the time!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

What are you working on this week?

Do any of you crochet??!



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