The Home & Heart Connection

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

Last year we got a new fangled white oven…it talks to my phone, y’all. Who knew?!

And now it’s making everything else in the kitchen look bad… dingy cream hood- you are next…

But until the right hood comes back in stock again I’m just over here redoing my cabinets and taking doors off the hinges and making plans on what color to paint all.the.wood in this room.

The reorganization was life giving- to my mind and to my environment- taking it all out, discarding what we never use, pulling all the pretty pieces together, rediscovering lots of hidden gems formerly relegated to the dark corners.

And it dawned on me, there is a connection between heart and home- the two are intertwined.

When my home is cluttered, my mind feels much the same. And vice versa, if my mind is overwhelmed, it often shows up in my space. Just the act of clearing and setting one area in order can do wonders.

Sometimes, like cleaning out a closet or cabinet in our homes, our thoughts have to come out physically on paper so we can really see what’s what. Only then can we sort through it all, keep the good, get rid of or reframe the bad and move forward.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now give this a try:

  1. Empty out your mind Download all your thoughts onto paper- all the “shoulds”, tasks and random thoughts shoved in all the recesses of your subconscious. Bring it all out into the light. You can do it! I’ll wait. Your brain is meant to operate like a computer processor, not a storage unit.
  2. Take inventory Calendar what you can and delegate where it makes sense. Now take a good look at what’s left. Which thoughts drag you down, keep you stuck, uninspired or feeling bad about yourself? Maybe it’s time to let those go. Of course, you can keep them around if you like, it’s always your choice. But, if you’re ready to surrender what’s not working, I’m here to cheer you on! So let’s keep going!
  3. Choose purposefully what goes back in Which thoughts are serving you and giving you the results you dream of in your life? Those are worth keeping! And worth searching for some more intentional thoughts that spark more of how you want to feel.
  4. Enjoy and celebrate what you created! Have compassion for yourself and where you are. A home and heart develop over time of careful tending and curating. Be gentle with yourself no matter what comes up for you. You’re right where you need to be and I’m here to help!

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