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The Best of the Thanksgiving Leftovers

After attending two church services, one black Friday shopping excursion, hanging three shelves and baking four apple pies over the course of the long holiday weekend (p.s. I still have apples…) I’m not done savoring this one little word: gratitude. I’m grateful that Thanksgiving came in spite of my bratty attitude which proceeded it. I’m thankful that despite my… Continue reading The Best of the Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Lost and Found

Fifteen minutes before leaving on vacation found me crying, with a bruise forming on top of my right cheekbone. I had lost the fight with some of the boy’s musical gear due to my own clumsiness as I loaded it into the car and a black eye was not the baggage I had planned on carrying with me for… Continue reading Lost and Found

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A Ministry by Design

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I’d been run over by a truck – but a pretty vintage one at least – think baby blue Chevy with a spare tire on the side like my great-grandfather used to own… or the refashioned turquoise trailer seen here selling soap across the way the day before… Family… Continue reading A Ministry by Design


Something Old for Something New

My grandma used to tell stories about banishing her four children outside to play in the summer and how my mother refused to sit in the grass and certainly not in the dirt unless she could find a grocery sack or suitable barrier to put between her clean clothes and the earth. I wish I could say I inherited some… Continue reading Something Old for Something New

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Color Changing Words

Somewhere beneath the piles – paper flowers, dusty estate sale trinkets, granny’s hankies, mounds of junk jewelry, musty trunks, too many pieces of dark furniture and odds and ends patiently waiting to be chalk painted – you’ll find me. I’ll be the one looking harried, covered in glue, some ink and a whole lot of sanding… Continue reading Color Changing Words