Words for the Weary

Hi friend… you’ve been on my mind and heart! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written on the blog and in light of this global challenge, I wrote myself some encouraging words…then felt like maybe you could use them too?

Whatever your situation, on the front lines or hunkered down, untouched or on the mend, I’m prayerful, thankful and grateful for you.

These words below are for you too. Something better is coming. Talk soon ♥


You woke up today- still breathing- as well as all those in your house, praise God for that.

I know how mind blowing and scary this is. No answer, no plan, no mode of thinking seems right. It unnerves you because there is no acceptance when everything is so fluid. The only worldly constant is that it will change again. Hour by hour, minute by minute is the only way through. So stay present.

Stay in the Lord’s presence. He is near. He is here. He is with you and promises to never leave you or forsake you. He is a shield around you. A stronghold, fortress and shelter. He never changes. Find comfort in that.

Find the good things. The sun still rises and sets. Things are blooming. Seasons come and they go. It will not be like this forever. This is the process. God is still in charge and on the throne. He has framed your days and no matter what comes, it has its limits in Him because he created time.

Produce and encourage. Plant seeds. Stay off the news. Watch the word instead and watch for what God is about to do. Watch where He’s working.

Be productive with your hands, your words, your thoughts. All things are possible for God with but one word.

Peace be still my sweet girl. I know it’s daunting but don’t fight against reality so hard. It’s ok to get scared or discouraged or angry. Confess it to God or your friends, but don’t stay there. God is moving forward and so must you.

Burn the ships on what was and go into possess the land- the promise that God has given with rest on all sides. An abundant and spacious place. Be awake to His spirit within you calming and leading.

Get outside in nature and get outside of your own nature of complaining and self pity. Walk and breathe. Start small and clean the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom. Quiet the clutter in your head and in your space. Write, color, draw, paint, create and share. God is giving manna for each day. This is His job, not yours.

So don’t worry about tomorrow. Fill your mind today with beauty and hope. Stay in today, right now. Honor your job, your husband, your family.

Take extra care- your health, your words and especially your heart. Guard it. Be wise with what you let in. Do not be afraid of the refining. Open yourself to the work of becoming better.

Do not be afraid, the best is yet to come. ~~~

3 thoughts on “Words for the Weary

  1. What a wonderful surprise finding a new post from you after so long! Thank you for these words of wisdom and I pray they help everyone who is going through this same crisis. God has a plan for all this and He will help us get through it. We just need to focus on Him and not the craziness going on around us. Thank you Heather for this beautiful post.


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