The Answer for When You Want to Run Away

When was the last time you wanted to run away? Last year? Saturday? Just a few minutes ago when you shut yourself in the bathroom to see what the internet held for you and found yourself reading this post?

Yep I get it.

Pete: Where’s Cora, Cousin Wash?

Washington Hogwallop: [chewing and choosing words carefully as his young son ate beside him at the table] Couldn’t say… Mrs. Hogwallop up and R-U-N-N  O-F-T.

Everette: Musta been looking for answers.

~ Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Almost ten years ago I ran off to the mountains.

On a Tuesday.

Looking for answers.

And with a friend we hiked up beside a waterfall and spent the afternoon at the top eating our bag lunches, dissecting dreams and plotting our separate plans for the future.

Last year another friend and I drove east until we encountered sandy shores and crashing waves on a particularly windy March day. We searched for sea glass and shells and meaning in all the messes of life.

And just yesterday my best girl and I ran off to Farmville again looking to get lost in a few antique shops. Along the way we detoured to the High Bridge trail, once a railroad crossing over the Appomattox River.

The urge to run was strong this week… because turning 37 tends to make one think long and hard about their station in life and wonder if they missed the train?

It seems I’m always running and looking for answers. (And that I’m often looking through the lens of a camera…!)

What about you?

The quest for who we are and what we are here to do feels like an unending uphill climb and the undertow of what we think we should be doing often pulls us from what we were meant to do.

It helps to know there is no where on this earth we could run, no where we could hide where God doesn’t see us and desire to lead us.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying “this is the way: walk in it.” ~ Isaiah 30:21

For He has fashioned each day for us and there is hope if we hold on to that confident faith- not in ourselves- but in Him.

Answers do not always manifest themselves at the ocean’s edge or the mountain top. If anything those places just bring more questions… like why isn’t there a bathroom out here?!?

They are not found in Facebook posts or my email inbox.

Answers are not found in anything man made, but in God alone.

Look no further than Psalm 139. When my latest searching landed me there, I read and reread it from the King James to the Message and everything in between.

Then I put pen to paper and copied it down.

Writing words on paper – especially the scriptures – never fails to find them etched indelibly on my heart.

He searches me and knows me best so it stands to reason He knows what’s best for me too. And details – like the smallest grains of sand – never slip through His fingers.

Those who leave everything in God’s hands will eventually see God’s hands in everything.

Look no further sweet friend, the answer has been there all along.

No running necessary.

The real you cannot be found on a mountain somewhere or in any other change of physical location. You find yourself, not by searching outside, but through the Spirit of God within you. When you ask God to reveal who He created you to be, you can rejoice in His loving grace and mercy. He will gently point out your weaknesses and failings and graciously forgive you when you ask. The One who created you is the One who knows you. You will only find yourself in Him. ~ God’s Little Devotional Journal for Women

Are you looking for answers too? I’d be honored to pray for you. And if you haven’t found the link yet to get your set of scripture cards, won’t you go and put your email in here? Thanks for being here friend. xo

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20 thoughts on “The Answer for When You Want to Run Away

  1. I love this….truly love it! I found you on the Purposeful Faith link up today and your words are so encouraging. I can relate to the (then I know I’m not just talking to myself) comment, so I’m glad to have this opportunity to tell you that your pictures are lovely and your words bless!

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    1. Awww thanks so much Lorraine! I’m humbled that they spoke to you! You are not alone sister! Thanks for taking a minute out of your busy day to leave your sweet comment! 🙂 Hope to connect with you again soon!


  2. Happy birthday friend! I love it that you celebrated by posting! 🙂 Oh yes, God holds our answers and welcomes us when we run to him. He may not reveal them as quickly as we’d like him to but in time, with much seeking and searching, he will reveal them to us with a new appreciation of his love for us! Wishing you many blessings in the coming year! xoxo

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    1. Thank you my dear! ♥ He truly does hold every answer… sometimes it just takes us a while to realize. In a way I feel like I’m starting the New Year over on my Birthday. Possibilities feel ripe…! Have a beautiful week friend and thanks for all your encouragement as always. ♥♥


  3. Mom used to say she would stay awake all night trying to figure out how to leave dad but decided it was too much trouble. They lasted til their 74th anniversary. Then Glory. We all want to run away sometime. God sends ravens and a meal if we just hold still and take a nap. Great post Heather.

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    1. Oh my word! Yep naps work wonders sometimes…! And so do walks! But the best really is just being still (easier said than done!) and waiting for God to minister to us. Thanks Sue ♥ Prayers for your speaking this upcoming weekend!! God bless you sweet friend! xo


  4. Iv’e done a little some running of my own lately – I do love a dose of mountains or beach or open blue sky, especially with a good friend (and plenty of snacks). It can clear the head but you are so right. The answers are not in running or in the destination or in the journey but right with us, whisper close, all along. Lovely pics xx

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    1. Yes snacks and friends are key! 🙂 But there’s nothing like sitting still – as He calls us to do- and hearing His answers sent straight to our hearts ♥ Wishing you a wonderful day Tracey! xo


  5. There are many times I wish I could run away—fly away even when I was younger.
    It’s good to always run towards God when hardships come.

    Beautiful worship song. I love Gateway Worship.

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  6. I thought I was going to get to run away next week to the beach, but it fell through. Sigh. But you’re reminding me that I don’t have to run anywhere. I can have a lovely week at home with God right here. He shows up wherever we are. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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