How To Fix Any Hair-do and Other Devilish Situations


I’ve figured out the secret for making any hairstyle look better… Here you go, are you ready?


You may think I’m cheesy but millions have been made on lesser ideas.

I’m still finding my styling groove post hair-cut. It’s not that I loathe my new “hair” it’s just that it requires some tough love over here and this week it’s involved straightening which seems to be the direction my ‘naturally curly’ hair (and yes I say that with sarcasm and a raised eyebrow as well…) wants to go presently. I’ve decided I’m not going to fight it. I’d lose anyway.

I’ve never been a big hair and make-up person. I must have missed that day in girly class when I was coming along. When I was a pre-teen I was all about what so many pre-teens are interested in, yep, cross-stitch.


{the cuteness of this was just too much… I swooon…. image and free pattern via Country Living if you’re so inclined…}

All around my parent’s house you’ll still find some framed sentiments being displayed like, “After 40 it’s patch, patch patch” or “God only made so few perfect heads (centered above the stitching of a bald headed man) the rest he covered with hair”. I could go on but you get the drift. I had a folder of pattern books full of cats, geese and one really ambitious Victorian ice-skating scene that never quite came to fruition. But the one I remember the most and it may have been my first foray thanks to my Aunt Vickie’s prompting and arsenal of craft supplies, yarns and threads was this one:

“Smile, it increases your face value”.

And I have to say it works for hair and other sticky situations as well. Want to diffuse an argument? Smile. Want to disarm a complainer? Smile. Even the gal on my work out video last night could be heard telling her charges to smile because it made the work easier. Heh. Maybe it’s the catalyst for thinking good thoughts. Maybe it’s the outward action that causes an inward positive reaction. Who knows but it’s worth a try. See you’re sitting there smiling now aren’t ya??

But there’s something to aspire to with this whole smiling thing. Who really wants to go around looking sour all the time? It’s not really all that attractive. I see the models with their serious pouting faces but I’d much rather take my styling cues from someone with a goofy genuine smile. Smiling doesn’t have to just be skin deep. It can bubble over into a shifted state of mind. And that’s the positive perspective I think we all crave.

So this week I’m choosing to smile at the fact that the weather is turning ever so slightly cooler in the mornings. Fall I am longing for you… I’ll be here with my scarves and boots waiting with pumpkin latte bated breath (not that I’ve ever had one of those but a friend mentioned it today and it sounded really good…) Bring it. Fall’s my favorite… it may have something to do with never really tanning but always burning… So sorry summer, I tried to love you, but it’s not you, it’s me.

{soon and very soon we will be together again little maple tree…!}

I smile because I found the best smelling hair product that is watermelon scented and protects my tresses from the heat of the flat iron which has now become my new best friend. Who would’ve thought…surely not me!

I smile at the fact that I get to be an aunt –from the start– because my sister-in-law is pregnant!! And though my nephew is wonderful, he like the boy, was half-grown when I found my way into their family.

I smile (though my heart is breaking) over my cat who in spite of a grim prognosis, now has learned to do tricks for food even at this late stage in the game. And interesting fact, I realized I talk to cats and babies in the same way…

I smile because I see this cover on a back issue of County Living Magazine… Coral and Turquoise never fail to call my name and I’m re-inspired to incorporate more color in to my home because hello, color makes me smile…


{image via Country Living}

I smile because it’s Wednesday. Little ol’ ordinary Wednesday. Smack dab in the middle of the week and simultaneously brimming with possibility and forgiveness. Ripe with a chance to start over fresh no matter what state of mind Monday and Tuesday bullied us into.

I smile because I have a choice. Because I’m still able. Because muscles contract the body is a miraculous expressive gift that we’ve been given. I could frown but I’ve made the choice that I’m done with all that.

I smile because I think it ticks the devil off. And if you think he’s not real I beg to differ. He’s out there in our minds and homes and church choirs and cubicles just waiting around for his chance. But something I learned this week from scripture- he cannot stay where he’s not wanted. The end. So cast him out in the power of Jesus name. And then smile.

I smile because there is chicken salad in my future.

I smile because tomorrow our little family celebrates 5 years! of being official. (good gracious! already!? whew!)

wedding kiss

{yes, we eloped on my back porch… and yes I’m still apologizing to my mother…}

Most of all I smile because just like how I’m happy when my people are happy, it makes God happy to see me smile.

I smile because God is still God and the giver of all hope. Provider of eternal salvation. My helper, defender and father.

I smile because I don’t have to do it all and I don’t know how it all will turn out. Pretty exciting stuff and worth cracking a smile over I think…

What makes you smile this week?

P.S. Looking for more reasons to smile? It’s my pleasure to create connection, community and sometimes cute stuff just for you! I’d love it if you’d join our little tribe – you’ll be the first to know of all the soul satisfying surprises in store. Click right here to receive a set of free printable scripture cards and I’ll see you in your inbox soon!

Smiling while I link up with some lovely ladies over at Holley’s place today…

10 thoughts on “How To Fix Any Hair-do and Other Devilish Situations

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…..sold the house; moving to Lee’s Landing on Oct. 29th!!!! lots to do—but thinking of you.


    1. Thanks Becky! Sometimes it seems like the most profound things that come out of my brain do so without much thought…! All glory goes to HIM on that one! Glad my ramblings spoke to you in an impactful way! ♥ Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Oh I love this post! In the midst of difficult days and trying circumstances, we still have plenty to smile about. If we really think about what we’re grateful for, we can come up with a whole host of lovely things to give thanks for and some of yours are pretty spectacular – like a new niece or nephew and a wedding anniversary!! And how SWEET is the photo of you saying I DO on your porch — I must hear more of that story! But I must disagree with you about summer — it’s my favorite — and although I’m no fan of fall, I am ready for the pumpkin spice lattes!! xoxo


    1. Amen! There is always always something worthy of our smile and thanksgiving. And we can totally agree to disagree on our seasonal affinity and still be friends : ) ♥


  3. Heather, I smile when I see you on Wednesday and Sunday, your cute hairdo,(love it) and the spiritual growth you show in your life is so catching. I smile when I think how God has blest me with such a wonderful familly. Keep sharing your inspiration. Love you girl.

    Liked by 1 person

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