What Your ♥ Needs for the Hard Days…

**The title of this post is also the title of a book I just finished reading and had the opportunity to review for the lovely folks at Baker Publishing and Revell Reads… {though I’m not a real book reviewer- I just decided to play one on this blog!- they thought enough of me to send me a copy for my thoughts and time so I’m gonna give it a whirl …!}**

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at the break of day. ~ Psalm 46:5

“It’s not about what’s around you. It’s about who is within you.” ~Holley Gerth, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days

I am convinced God has a sense of humor and irony… A few weeks ago, I signed up to do a book review for this awesome gal- Holley Gerth. By signing up, I’d receive a copy of the book to read and write a review for the publishing company and one other retail sight. Which was awesome because:

1. I ♥ Holley Gerth

2. I love devotional books

3. I’m a big fan of reading others’ reviews about products when I’m buying online. Or looking for a mechanic. Or contemplating visiting a store, vet, restaurant or you name it… For better or worse, other people’s opinions can be sometimes helpful in directing me to or from something… Ahem… Chuy’s…

So back to the irony -I was in a good place when I signed up to do a review. Life was tripping along. Things were going ok and then I got tripped up so to speak. Laid up with a bum foot with plenty of time on the Saturday my copy arrived to dive into this sweet (probably really well timed!) book.

I was impressed by it’s compactness first off and it’s graphic design- because polka dots…!

book mug 1 wm
Author: Holley Gerth Hardcover: 256 pages Publisher: Revell (September 2, 2014) ISBN-13: 978-0800722883

It would be super convenient to slip this book into your bag and read on your lunch break or tuck into a gift basket for a new mom or a friend recovering from a surgery or anyone really – even if they look or act like they have it all together. There is something in here everyone needs to hear.

But aside from it’s cuteness, the content is Spirit filled and God ordained speaking right to that deep down need. There are 52 different entries with a prayer at the end of each, a space for notes and a space for recording how you hear God speaking to that need with selected scripture verses from Psalms that carry you further into that entry’s theme. Looking at the lines for notes after each devotion, at first I thought there is no way I can write in this thing because my mama taught me not to write in books, but can I tell you how precious my bible has become to me since I started making notes in the margins?? Maybe it’s something I hear in a sermon on those texts or something that occurs to me as I’m reading a verse… Y’all don’t fear the pen– or pencil if you just want baby steps… because being able to look back at prayers God answers or encouragements He brings is invaluable. So I give you permission to write in this book if the spirit moves you. You’re welcome.

The first devotion talked about God lifting my face up… Seriously I forget so often to look up… Some statistic I read long ago said if you wanted to hide something valuable from a thief, nobody ever looks up…! Just think of shopping in the grocery store- even prime product placement is at eye level… not above..! More humorous and ironic was that the second devotion dealt with releasing our control and resting in God’s peace and comfort. Only He brings dawn and hope after the darkest night. As I glanced at my sprained foot…as I looked at the Epsom salts, the ankle braces, the anti-inflammatory meds scattered around, and huffed/sighed to myself I realized I can throw all these things at my problem but I don’t have one ounce of say in how this is gonna turn out. Will the cute sandals and running on the track be possible again this summer? I didn’t know, but the best hope I had was to trust the ONE who does know.

holley gerth book review wmBut you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you. ~ Psalm 81:16

“It seems all of the conditions honey would normally require are irrelevant to God.” ~ Holley Gerth

And on and on they went. Each devotion filling me with God’s promises. Reminding me of his love. Telling me He hadn’t forgotten me. Letting me know there was hope especially on the hard days. When we’re out of our comfort zone. When we grieve. When we fear the future. When we can’t forget the past. When we feel discouraged. When we just don’t know what to do. HE does.

So if I had to give this book a grade it’s definitely A++. It’s a 125 out of 100 because it gets all the extra credit right. The only thing missing for me was a built in book mark…{ though I read through 2/3 of it in one sitting so I didn’t realllly need said bookmark, but for anyone who finds those handy ribbons in the spine a convenient way to mark your place you may find yourself reaching for it…but hey, it leaves you room to get creative and make this book your own by how you choose to mark your page…maybe your favorite well worn cat bookmark from days gone by..?} But ribbons aside I’d urge you to go find a copy of this book. Or ask for one for Christmas… Or your birthday… Or buy 2 and give one to your mama or friend or sister or mail carrier…or teacher or…???…whoever crosses your path! You won’t be disappointed- neither will they. And while you’re waiting maybe for Amazon to deliver your copy go check out Holley’s site. Keep on keeping on my friends. Thank you Holley Gerth for such an encouraging book and thank you my friends for letting me share this with you!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

7 thoughts on “What Your ♥ Needs for the Hard Days…

  1. Got to get a copy of this book. Thank you Heather for your review. This sounds like everyone can use this book. Can’t wait to get it. Love you girl.


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